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Alliance is the only year round wrestling club in San Francisco. The club practices freestyle, folkstyle, and greco roman wrestling depending on the season. Most of our members are ages 12 and older, though we may accept younger wrestlers on a case by case basis. We also encourage girls to participate with our club.

Alliance has 3 bronze certified coaches on staff with a deep understanding of all wrestling styles. The club also has numerous assistant coaches. It is not unusual to have a 3:1 ratio of wrestlers to coaches. This constant attention to your wrestler allows him or her to develop quickly.

Alliance was founded in 2007 to address the needs of wrestlers in San Francisco. While wrestlers in the greater bay area have access to high quality coaching and off season programs, no such opportunity existed for kids in the city. Often times, wrestlers from out of the city are better prepared for competition due to their increased opportunities. It is the goal of Alliance to bring the advantages of wrestling to the youth of our city.

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